How To Clean A Ceramic Flat Iron

Ceramic flat irons are created to offer you straight hairstyle when using a tool which doesn’t damage your hair like other flat irons. Metal plates on the styling tool are coated with ceramic that promotes also an even heat distribution. There are brands of ceramic flat irons like Revlon, CHI and Conair

Benefits of Ceramic flat irons

There are several potential advantages to consider when selecting ceramic flat irons over other options available. The major benefit of ceramic irons is that they are able to protect the hair strands from extreme amount of heat damage arising from the heat’s uneven distribution. Another main benefit is that the flat irons smoothens the hair strands for extended period of time while minimizing frizz.

Types of Ceramic flat irons

Even though all ceramic irons possess ceramic-coated metal plates, a number of them are designed of higher quality than others. For example, ceramic flat irons appear to last longer as compared to those having the ceramic painted on. Straightening irons having the baked ceramic are normally more expensive since they appear to be more long lasting than their less expensive counterparts.

How to clean ceramic flat irons

Things you will need:

  • Ceramic flat iron
  • Mat
  • Cloth or paper towel
  • Hairstyling tool cleaner
  • Cotton swabs
  • Ammonia, nail-polish remover, rubbing alcohol or oven cleaner
  • Cotton balls

Step 1

Turn off the ceramic flat iron, unplugging it. Put it on heat-resistant mat, instead of on your countertop directly, to eliminate leaving burn marks. Let it cool for some five minutes.

Step 2:

Wipe down the lukewarm flat iron with damp paper towel. Remaining warmth is going to help get rid of any traces of hairstyling product which have adhered to your styling tool. When there’s build up of old product on the flat iron, you might require spraying it with professional cleaning solution particularly designed from thermal hairstyling tools. This is going to eliminate stubborn buildup minus scratching the ceramic flat iron. Utilize some paper towel or soft cloth to wipe off residue which has loosened up.

Step 3

You should reach into tiny crevices on your flat iron using cotton swab. This is going to lift away dirt in spots which are too tiny to accommodate your finger. You might use also nail rather than cotton swab as long as you cover the nail with the paper towel or cloth to eliminate leaving scratch marks on it.

Step 4

You should avoid utilizing abrasive solvents when you are cleaning your ceramic flat iron. But there are a number of household items which you may turn to when you run out of the normal professional thermal tool cleaner. Ammonia, nail-polish remover, spray-on, rubbing alcohol and oven cleaner may each break down hardened flat iron product. Saturate cotton ball with the solvent of choice and utilize this to wipe off product buildup. After you’re finished, you should user damp paper to wipe down the ceramic tool. This is going to clean off any solvent remaining as you do not want to get it on your hair next time that you use the flat iron.

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