The Lowdown on Industrial Printing

Many people have heard the term Inkjet thrown around by industrial experts, but they don’t know what it entails in real life. Today we explore this aspect and tell you more about a process that is transforming the way items are printed in various industries.

Inkjet technology makes use of a print head that ejects tiny ink droplets on a surface, without the head of the industrial printer making contact with the surface being handled.  The dots that come from the print head combine to give you high quality printed results on different materials.

Traditionally, it was hard achieving a high level of reliability and precision, but with time, the process has become more accurate and has been adopted across the industrial divide.

The dots that the printer comes up with are smaller than 70 microns, which means that the heads need perfect positioning to achieve the kind of resolution and high print quality. Although this kind of printing technology has been around since the 50’s, it is just of recent that advances in technology have made it more versatile.


The printing systems are classified into two – continuous printing and drop in demand.

The former technology works using drops that are ejected continuously from the head. The latter uses a technology that ejects the drops only when necessary.

For the continuous method, a pump connects to a reservoir that then directs the ink to nozzles; these nozzles are the ones that eject a continuous stream of the ink drums at high speed. The speed and frequency make it possible to maintain a larger distance between the print head and the surface.

The main advantage of continuous inkjet printing is that you can print tasks much faster than ever. The print head also lasts longer because it doesn’t come into contact with the surface at all.

In both these technologies, one thing remains clear – you need the right kind of ink to get the best out of each technology. Needham Ink offers you a variety of industrial ink to choose from. Make sure what you pick can give you the results you are looking for depending on the material you are handling.

The Bottom-line

It takes more than the right surface and industrial printer to make your task look awesome. You also need to have the right type of ink for the task for everything to work out as you want it to.