7 Effective Instagram Marketing Tips

Trying to become famous on the web? Always wanted to have thousands of fans online? Or simply trying to expand your business by being active on Instagram? No matter what your goals, here are seven useful tips to help grow your account in no-time!

1 The Most Important – Select a Business Account

You can find this option in the settings menu. A business account allows for a button so that your followers can get in touch with you, and it also allows to create Facebook / Instagram ads. Professionalizing your Instagram we call that.

2 Everyone Loves Product Teasers

Don’t be too pushy though, people hate that, they come to watch nice pictures, not to be overloaded with ads so use it with caution. The benefit of teasers is that it just provides enough information without scaring your followers away.

3 Instagram Stories – Sponsored Posts

The great thing about Instagram stories is that you can disguise it as a sponsored post, eg let companies pay you to write a post about them. Do make sure you write the post yourself and that it looks as natural as possible as most posts provided by the company itself instantly reveal that its nothing more than a hidden advertisement. Once again, think about your followers. They are there for you, not to be pushed products in their face on a non-stop basis.

4 Connect with Other Instagram Bloggers

This is by far the most efficient way to increase your followers, you give them a shout out and they return the favor (for free). Unless they have many more followers on Instagram then you have you might need to incentivize them. You could try it with a gift or by simply offering money. From experience I can tell you money works best but I don’t know how tight on a budget you are.

5 Branded Hash Tags

I think this one should be last on your list, it’s very easy to get it wrong and before you know it people start unfollowing you instead.

6 Schedule Your Posts When People are Online

Speaks for itself right? Still thousands of bloggers ignore this completely. You can use a bot to schedule your post or just watch the clock. Instagram provides multiple insights and statistics to keep track of things.

7 Share Other Peoples Most Popular Post

If you don’t have anything interesting to share yourself for the day you can always see what others share and that gets a ton of engagement, this way you still keep your followers happy without commercializing it.