Self-Defense/Offense Classes You Should Consider Taking

Have you ever considered taking some sort of self-defense or fight classes? If so, then you’ll want to learn about a few of the classes you should consider taking. Afterward, you can decide which one to enroll in.


Boxing is a huge part of mixed martial arts, and you can enroll via¬† London Fight Factory will teach you how to box, which offers many benefits. Boxing is a great offensive and defensive skill to learn and doing it on a regular basis can get you into great shape fast. You’ll learn about different types of punches, how to go for a knockout and you might be able to compete in the sport of boxing if that’s one of your ambitions. Plus, as time goes by, your confidence will increase and you’ll have better-striking capabilities.

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jitsu)

BJJ focuses on ground fighting skills and grappling skills. Many of the techniques focus on taking the fight to the ground, where you control your opponent and eventually make them submit. One of the best things about learning BJJ is it doesn’t matter how small you are or your strength level because even the smallest and weakest people can learn how to use BJJ to defend themselves.

It’s worth noting that both kids and adults can reap the benefits of BJJ. If you have a child and want them to learn how to defend themselves, but boxing doesn’t interest them, then opt for BJJ.


Mixed Martial Arts classes will have you learning various arts, and best of all it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, novice or expert; There are classes that cater to your skill level. MMA is a great way to learn defensive and offensive techniques that can help you protect yourself. MMA can get you into great shape, improve your endurance, stamina and energy levels. Furthermore, MMA is becoming one of the most popular sports out there, so learning it could get you a step closer to competing as an MMA fighter.

Feel free to do additional research on each of the above classes. Don’t forget, there are many other types of classes you can check out, but the above is definitely worth looking more into. Remember, when you enroll in a class, make sure you stick with it so you can learn as much as you can and reap all of the potential benefits they have to offer.