How to Grow Plants Using LED Growth Lights

Over the decades, we have seen gardeners of every skill level try to make new technology work for them, but one technology has come up and changed everything – LED growth lights. With the perfect environment, even the worst kinds of seeds sprout. The use of LEDs makes it easy to supply the right wavelength on plants without the risk of UV rays or heat.

Let us look at a few tips for growing your plants using these lights from

Design Your Environment around the Light

LED lights are going to be a permanent fixture for you, therefore try and design your plant growth environment around the LED light source. You can use the lights for several years, which means you need to make sure you have the light before you decide where to place the indoor garden.

It is usually good to isolate the area so that you can have perfect control over the environment. The smaller the space to control the better results you will have, and the lesser the resources you need to control the area. You can incorporate a white reflective material to give your plants a better opportunity to absorb the light.

Keep Off the Floor

Make sure the pots are off the floor as much as possible so that you keep the roots at optimum temperature. The floor usually loses heat when it rises, which means your floor ends up being the coldest part of the room.

If possible, place something on the floor to prevent heat rising in case you don’t have any other option than to place the plants on the floor. A carpet or mat would be the best option.

Monitoring is Crucial

Take time in the garden each day even if you know that everything is working perfectly. The garden needs the keen eye of a gardener each time, which means you need to take time and inspect the garden each day to look for something that isn’t right. You also use this time to check for diseases and rotate the plants.

You also need to monitor the temperature and exposure levels to stimulate the perfect growth for the plants.

In Closing

Using indoor led lights is one of the ways to make sure your plants are in the perfect environment to grow and bloom. Take time to understand what you need in terms of moisture and exposure levels.