Posting Art On Your Instagram

Gone are the days when artists are either starving or are an elite class. Nowadays, art is free for everyone to admire and delight in. Thus, it becomes necessary for artists to preserve the quality of their work while maintaining their activity online. A popular social media platform for posting art is Instagram. If you are new to the platform, then you could use a few tips on how to post art there.

Keep Your Content Captivating

Most artists often have an image that they would like to maintain, and so would you. As such, you should post photos that are relevant to the said image that you are trying to keep. Now, the amazing thing is that Instagram is quite excellent for displaying your progress and final products. Also, you can even post various inspirations for your art and even events that go on in your life.

However, there is something that you must not forget. And that is to promote your brand and your image. As such, it would do you best if you post accomplishments, events, studio shots, and works in progress.

High-Quality Images

Despite this advice being obvious, it is best that you post images that are of high quality and truly reflect your vision and your efforts. When your followers log in to Instagram, they expect only the highest quality from your images. As such, you should use filters to make it easier for your image to look beautiful. Remember, if people will tolerate a low-quality image on Facebook, you cannot do the same on Instagram.

Impactful Captions

Although you can show your creativity and tell a story without words, a caption can add impact to your work. As such, you may want to have an interesting caption accompany your work, so it would stimulate your followers to become more engaging. After all, the Instagram user base enjoys interactions and will often comment, like, and report your interesting post.

Finding a Stable Follower Base

Although you can post top-quality work, it is pointless if no one is there to appreciate your posts. Thus, you must work hard on improving your follower base. If it is a difficult job for you, try to use bots as they can pull off the job as you focus on your art. Do note that you might want to avoid using Instazood, which you can click me to read the reasons.


When posting your art on Instagram, it helps to remind yourself of a few things. These include keeping your content captivating, posting high-quality images, and adding impactful captions. Lastly, you require a follower base to get something out of the platform, so you may either work hard or utilize bots.