Types of meat slicers

Modern rate of life directly influences on the availability of free time. Sometimes you even do not have time for qualitative and quick preparation of dishes.

In the conditions of a fixed lack of time, various electromechanical assistants accelerate the process of cooking. One of such devices is meat slicer, which is more and more actively used.

The slicer is an electromechanical device, which main working mechanism is a round knife that moves under the influence of the engine. Such device allows accurately slice bread, cheese, sausage and other gastronomic production. In this article, we will consider types of meat slicers. You may read everything about meat slicers here.

Types of slicers.

There are different criteria by which professional slicers differentiates.

Automatic slicers have special mechanisms by means of which cutting of products proceeds in the automatic mode. The platform on which situated product for cutting is moving independently. The entire cutting process does not require any additional actions. You only need to lay out products and to set the thickness of slices. The device of automatic cutting costs a lot, but its price is justified by high performance. Automatic slicers are used in large supermarkets, restaurants, network pizzerias.

Semi-automatic slicers are more difficult in operation. Such slicers will require your participation in the process of cutting. Unlike an automatic slicer, the platform with the connected product should be moved manually. As well as in the previous case, such models are equipped with the regulator of the thickness of slices. The performance of semi-automatic slicer directly depends on the operator. The price on semi-automatic slicer is more available.

In addition, manual slicers do not enjoy popularity, but they are available in the market of the equipment. If you will buy such model, you would simultaneously manually rotate the knife and move a platform with a product.

In addition, slicers differentiate by the diameter of a knife. The most often used models with knife diameter of 220 mm and 250 mm.

Depending on the type of production differentiates slicer with various types of the cutting edge:

–           The machine for cutting of meat. This device bought in most cases. It is used for cutting of salami, boiled sausage, and other sausages, and for cutting of bread the regular slice.

–           If the slicer is generally used for cutting of cheese, ham or other soft products, – the slicer with a Teflon knife is better to purchase. Such execution of a knife prevents sticking on it of cheese. Therefore, there is no need to wash it after each use. The price of slicer with Teflon knife is higher.

–           Industrial slicers are widely applied for cutting of bakery products. It is worth choosing a model with the jagged edges if you are planning to use a slicer as an industrial bread slicer.